Professional upholstery cleaning is a skilled and at times delicate operation and certainly not something to be undertaking by amateurs. It can take years of acquired experience and knowledge to produce upholstery cleaning of the very highest order.

With over thirty years experience, we have cleaned a vast array of fabrics in all types of locations from offices, cinemas and restaurants, to the sumptuous furnishings on some of the most famous ocean liners in the world.

We do not just want you to be pleased with the results of our cleaning - we want you to be delighted! We want you to tell your friends, relatives, work colleagues and acquaintances what a great job we did for you because we know that is the only way to survive in business, by putting smile on your face, indeed that is how we have survived in the industry for over thirty years.

When we arrive to clean your upholstery, this is what we will do:

First, and most importantly of all, we will examine the piece to identify the fabric and fibre type and check its suitability for cleaning and the type of cleaning required.

We will then decide which of our many cleaning agents we will use to clean the upholstery.

Next, identify and pre-treat any stains and marks where possible, but we cannot guarantee to remove stains, especially those that have been tampered with. Please see our stain removal guide.

If there is any doubt about the effectiveness of cleaning, or the quality of the end result we will clean just one cushion or section of fabric and show you the result. If it is not what you were hoping for we will pack up and leave and there will be no charge for what we have done.

If required we may use a variety of gentle agitation techniques to obtain the most effective release of soil prior to the cleaning process. This comes as standard on every job. We do not charge extra additional pre-treatments as many cleaners do. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay, regardless of what we have to do to get the required result.

We place drop sheets on your carpet or flooring and then apply a pre-spray to the fabric which loosens the soil and leaves it ready to be flushed out during the cleaning process.


The fabric is now thoroughly cleaned with the Titan 875, Britain's most powerful upholstery cleaning system. This will remove all the loosened soil and apply a neutralising rinse.

We take great care to make sure we clean in all the nooks and crannies because attention to detail is paramount in ensuring a truly professional finish.   


When the job is done we will show you the finished upholstery and in the unlikely event of you not being happy with the result we will not charge you a penny.

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