Whether we like it or not they share our homes with us.

They feed on dead skin cells that we shed from our bodies and live their lives in our carpets hatching, growing, eating, defecating, mating, laying eggs and dying.

Out of sight and harmless to most of us, herds of Dust Mites numbering in their millions live their lives deep within the carpet fibres well out of the reach of the average domestic Hoover.

It is their bathroom habits that make us itch and wheeze and many people develop serious allergies to dust mite dropping.

And, there are NO over-the-counter pesticides available to deal with this problem. The only solution is to have your carpets regularly cleaned with a Truck Mounted Cleaning System which is up to 20 times more powerful than conventional electric machines many carpet cleaners may offer. The problem is you need serious amounts of raw power to reach deep into the carpet pile to remove your unwanted hoards of squatters.

And if you’re lucky enough not to be infested with Dust Mites, there are still a whole host of other nasties, like, rotting food and drink spillages, bacteria spores and other unmentionables that we walk in off the street, all lurking deep with your carpet pile, causing if  nothing else some pretty nasty odours that you may not notice but visitors often do. That’s the bad news - The Good News Is......

Carpet Cleaners Parbold

You call a company like Gerrards who have some of the most powerful Truck Mounted carpet cleaning equipment available anywhere in the world.

Our system cleans deep down the carpet pile  with cleaning solution temperatures well in-excess of 200 degrees, killing germs, bacteria, and dust mites, leaving your carpet clean and fresh.

Carpet cleaners in Wigan, Bolton, Manchester, Southampton, Chorley, Warrington

In reality, perhaps not quite as clean you  might like to think...MITE being the word.....

              Dust mite to be exact!

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How Clean Are Your Carpets?

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