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People are often impressed mostly by the sheer size and power of our Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning System, but no matter how powerful, or how much it bristles with state-of-the-art technology, it cannot do its job unless the chemical system starts to work first.

We use a wide variety of chemicals and solutions, selected not because they are the cheapest, but because they are the best. All products are safe to use with children and pets

First, we apply a pre-spray to the carpet which is selected to be the most effective for your particular carpet and the soil conditions, this loosens the soiling and stains in advance of the cleaning process.

If required we can add deodourisers and sanitizers to the pre-spray or they can be applied as a last step when the carpet has been cleaned.

We then clean the carpet, either with a conventional wand or for larger areas with an RX20 Rotary Jet Extractor which makes 11.5 cleaning passes per second. This is where the raw power of the Truck Mounted Cleaning System comes into play , reaching deep down the carpet pile removing the encrusted soil other, less powerful systems leave behind and recovers it straight into a tank on the van.

The Truck Mounted Cleaning System heats the cleaning solution to a
pre-selected temperature and adds a rinse agent that helps flush out the extracted soil, leaving the carpet Ph balanced and touch dry.

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So whether you are looking to have your living room carpet cleaned, or any size of commercial premises cleaned, you can trust Gerrards to deliver superb quality carpet cleaning at an affordable price.

And, because your carpets will have been cleaned by the most powerful carpet cleaning system in Britain, they will look and stay clean far longer than if you would have chosen one of our less powerful competitors.

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There is only one word to sum up the quality of your work - fantastic, I would happily recommend Gerrards to anyone.

Mr Hurst (Carpet Cleaning Wigan)

We have had carpet cleaners in the past but none have given us the quality that you have. Wow, what a machine. Cheers

Rob Settle (Carpet Cleaning Manchester)

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