Having your carpets cleaned may start out as an issue about price, but on the day  it suddenly becomes about standards. You want the best possible clean for your money and rightly so. Unless you have chosen a company that was recommended to you, you may know little about them other than they gave you a price you could live with. But what about their standards? Will they turn up with a tiny portable machine and just soak your carpet and take your money, leaving you with a carpet that may be wet for days and look no better when it finally dries? Professional carpet cleaning is not about money -it is about standards and Gerrards have some of the highest standards in the industry.

First and most importantly of all we will examine your carpet to identify the construction and fibre type and then determine the degree of soiling which helps us decide how best to clean your carpet and what precautions may need to be to used to avoid any problems like shrinkage or dye bleed. If we perceive any kind of problem we will discuss this with you first so you are clear about what to expect from the finished clean.

We place protective pads under the feet of furniture to prevent any dye bleeding into the carpet whilst damp.

We will, then decide which of our many cleaning agents we will use and will apply a pre-spray.

We may choose to agitated the pre-spray into the carpet by rotary, cylindrical or manual scrubbing systems to ensure the best possible soil release prior to the cleaning process. Please note: We do not not charge extra for pre-scrubbing or any additional pre-treatments as they come standard with every job.

We then identify and pre-treat any stains. Please note: complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed, especially if they have been tampered with. Please see our stain removal guide.

We move all of your furniture and clean behind it. (heavy items like bookcases or display cabinets cannot be moved and for insurance purposes we cannot move televisions electrical items)

Your carpet will then be cleaned with a state-of-the-art Titan 875 Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning System, Britains most powerful carpet cleaning system. We use a variety of tools from a standard wand to a sophisticated RX20 Rotary Jet Extractor with a range of handtools and accessories to reach into the tightest of corners.

We will then reset the pile to remove any tool marks.

On completion we will show you the finished work and if you are not happy with the result we will not charge you a penny.

Cleaning To A Standard - Not a Price!

 Carpet Cleaning Specification

Carpet Cleaning To A Higher Standard Than You Ever Dreamed

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